Our Team

We’re building the best shopping and cooking experience in the world…

Our Story

Our founder, Tom Foster-Carter (former COO of Monzo and co-founder of Curve), dreamed up the idea of a personal grocery shopping assistant when his son Freddie suddenly arrived during the busiest week of his career.  He and his wife were so overwhelmed they were barely able to get the grocery shop done each week, leading him to wonder “what if families never had to worry about that again?"

Our Team

With a vision of ‘making the mundane magical', Tom has gone on to build a small yet mighty team of change-makers, who are redefining the way busy families shop and cook… taking the pain out of the weekly shop and creating freedom for what matters most.

Adam Stone
Anney Wyner
Beth Toms
Deon Tan
Software Engineer
Chris Parsons
CTO & Co Founder
Kale Tyler Brower
Product Designer
Ruth Waxman Barth
Martin Tomov
Software Engineer
Tom Foster-Carter
CEO & Founder
Vix Robertson
Vini Nadanakumar
Community Support
Christian Gregg
Software Engineer
Lorenzo Greco
Software Engineer
Your Position
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Our Experience

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being:


Making speed a habit


Bringing a bit of joy 😉


Fighting to leave things better

How we work

  • 💙 Hard on problems
    not people

  • 🤓 Data over debate

  • 🙌 Customers come first

  • 🏃 Kipchoge not Bolt

  • 🎓 Always be learning always be sharing

  • 🌎 Leave society better

  • ✨ Build something life changing

  • 🔍 Work in plain sight

  • 🤓 Data over debate

  • 💙 Hard on problems not people

  • 🙌 Customers come first

  • 🏃 Kipchoge not Bolt, it's a marathon

  • 🎓 Always be learning, always be sharing

  • 🌎 Leave society better

  • ✨ Build something life changing

  • 🔍 Work in plain sight

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What's in it for you?

Food, Glorious Food!

Food brings us together, and closer to achieving our mission. Some of our greatest brainstorms happen in the kitchen. Good food will always feature in our team days out! We’ll regularly cook together in the Lollipop Lodge kitchen, just next to London Bridge!


Each person in our team has a huge amount of knowledge and experience to share, as will you. To encourage growth we trust our team to take on new challenges and define their own growth at Lollipop. We currently offer £1K a year to go towards your development in your role.

Leaving it Better.

We want and need to address societal pain points as we build Lollipop. We believe passionately in being better for society now and for generations to come. Want to make a difference? We’re all ears. Also our Founder Tom is on the founding team of All-in. This is a group of tech startups folks who want to help founders build fair, inclusive and diverse companies. Read more here.

Remote working <> meets in-person time.

We encourage flexible, remote working, enabling our team to balance work around caregiver responsibilities and other commitments. Make the most of team-time, twice a week at the Lollipop Lodge in London Bridge. Can your role be fully remote? Swing by every 3-months to say hi!

Transparency. No, Genuinely.

We’re passionate about building Lollipop in an open and fair way. Working in plain sight is one of our core operating principles and we live it everyday. We’ve also put our money where our mouth is and we pay in plain sight too - read more here.

Work with us…

Each and every Lollipopper has something different to bring to the table - and we love that. Every person has a voice. We’re building something with amazing potential and want you in at the ground level to make a huge impact.

Make an impact

Help shape the future of Lollipop